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The ground area is paved with a natural stone in a varied earthen tone crazy paver, to evoke the feeling of the ground without regular lines. The Gabion stone wall provides a vertical rise from the ground, suitable for use as either bench seating, a servery for a dining area or any other function desired by the owner. 

The large lawn terrace is very minimalist, with the expansive lawn encouraging unrestricted play as well as inspiring relaxation through the placement of luxury lush furniture decorated with pops of bright colour through cushioning.  Surrounded by screen plantings, it creates a pure green space. 

The single contemporary garden art focal point at the far end of the garden provides a restful place for the eye to land when scanning the landscape.

The 'Garden Walls' are made up of a lush green border in varying shades to enclose and screen the boundaries and lose the visual reference to all architectural structures outside the garden. The lower plantings are comprised of several shrubs of significantly varied foliage shape, size, texture and colour to create visual interest and gentle stimulation. 

The portable furniture - BBQ, table, chairs, outdoor lounge setting, timber bench platform and Corten Steel wood stacker - are in muted natural and dark coloured materials and finishes to blend in with the garden.  Again, pops of colour may be added through selective and adaptable use of coloured cushions to match trends or seasons. The Corten Steel wood stacker, apart from being a functional and decorative means of storage for the firepit timber, also provides a useful bench height to place outdoor ornamentation such as decorative candle lighting and garden art. The Fire Pit acts as a focal point all year round, used as a fire pit in the cooler months and as a beverage station when filled with ice and drinks in the warmer season.

The proximity of furniture placement is designed to encourage social interaction.

The pond is clad with timber at a height that also encourages informal seating. Being heavily planted with aquatic plants and live fish, the pond doubles as a central feature with the sound of water being both relaxing and a focal point to both garden spaces, as well as masking neighbourhood noise.

Take the opportunity to draw inspiration from Victoria's talented Landscape and Garden designers at the Backyard and Garden Show 2022.


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Whyte Gardens 39

Whyte Gardens

"We believe in working with you and your ideas to create an outdoor space that reflects your personality. Our gardens bring a sense of order and calm that is both functional and aesthetic." Andrew Whyte - Founder, Whyte Gardens

WHYTE LOGOAndrew Whyte and the team from Whyte Gardens have over 20 years experience creating gardens that people love to live in. Specialising in contemporary spaces, they help bring outdoor spaces to life, whether it’s for entertaining, relaxing with family or just a quiet contemplative corner. 

"We believe that the devil is in the detail. Designing and constructing a garden is a huge task. Yet it’s all the little things that will ultimately make it work or not. It starts with ensuring the design meets your brief and will work on the site. It’s then about choosing the correct materials and proper plants, right from the start. It includes knowing how to work with all the necessary suppliers, understanding what they need from us and what we need from them to ensure a seamless construction experience. It’s about selecting the right finishes, construction methods and materials to ensure all elements of your garden last for decades. It’s about knowing and understanding how all the elements of the design will fit together. This only comes from years of hard-won experience. Finally it’s about the details in the design that will make everything come together in one harmonious, integrated masterpiece, you can call your garden."

Whtye gardens are Registered Builders and members of Landscaping Victoria.

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Christian Jenkins 45

Urban Horticultural Solutions 

Leveraging the latest technology and practices, the combined horticultural expertise of the UHS team delivers quality workmanship and a committed work ethic equal to any challenge.

Whether your drab courtyard requires a little ‘sprucing-up’ or your garden is in need of vigorous resuscitation, Urban Horticultural Solutions services encompass all levels of care.

Urban Horticultural Solutions"Through our extensive experience we have developed a rich repository of horticultural knowledge.  This encompasses plant prosperity, landscape architecture and irrigation systems. We carefully adapt our approach to accommodate variables such as climate, soil type, environmental limitations and local law restrictions. Furthermore, our comprehensive management and maintenance system provides an accessible platform for clear communication and documentation of work. Clients, site and administrative support staff can leverage this platform to ensure a reliable and transparent service."

UHS is a registered member of Landscaping Victoria and featured on Best Gardens Australia 72.

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Christian Jenkins Landscape Design

Christian Jenkins began his outstanding career at a young age, as a Gardener and Horticulture student. Whilst working as a gardener at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Christian also studied horticulture at MChristian Jenkins 44bourne University, Burnley campus. He later went on to travel around Australia, where he worked with other Landscapers, helping to infuse his garden design values.

ChristianJenkinsLogoChristian’s love of garden design has seen him enter 15 times, in the Melbourne International Flower Garden Show. His unique designs have won him over 50 magazine publications and interviews with Better Homes and Gardens.

Christian Jenkins embraces design, which celebrates space, function, texture, colour and movement. When he moved from Melbourne to the Otway Ranges, he built a Solar Passive Rammed Earth home- once again, proving his passion for design and construction..Christian is well respected by his team, and peers in the industry. He brings enthusiasm and passion to his projects and has a strong team who shares his vision and dedication to excellence in landscape design.

Dedicated to landscaping and horticulture, and with over 20 years’ experience, Christian and his team of experts can recognise the needs of the client and translate these ideas into grand designs. This passion and commitment, to produce only the best gardens, and functional space designs, has created an award-winning business.

Christian Jenkins – a trusted name in landscaping, is a passionate design team, who delivers custom-designed landscapes to Geelong, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Torquay, Lorne and The Great Ocean Road.

Christian Jenkins embraces design, which celebrates space, function, texture, colour and movement. Christian and his team of experts can recognise the needs of the client and translate these ideas into grand designs.

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